makotos jacket is too big and smells like chlorine and shampoo

(for highschoolmusicool)

i was gonna do something funky with the background but all i have is this shitty screencap cause the program crashed

[deeps sighs] why do u hate me universe

Anonymous asked: If you're still doing the palette meme can I request Pietro in palette #14, and bonus! Wanda in palette #15


short gif cycle from an unfinished project!!!

thank u for ur message you are so nice omg

here is a more closeup miranda for you!!! i hope you like it!!

i am so sorry this is probably not what you wanted i had bigger plans for this

it turned out not how i wanted it to i am just Not So Great at palettes

but i’ll try again for you okay i’ll come up with something better i’ll redo this some other time

biodick asked: can you draw superboy in palette six? Like if you're not busyyy


mordin solus on palette 3!

if anyone is wondering why they should like mordin solus, when he is an ace unromance-able side character, just remind yourself

that this is a man who devoted some of his precious time living in this world to performing gilbert and sullivan. for science.

and has rewritten a version of I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General. for himself. 

the defense rests its case, your honor.

highschoolmusicool asked: you are still doing the pallet meme???????????? bc you should so do cosette in seven and then your current fav character in three!!!!


i’ll do the three palette tomorrow! i’m going to pass out

but thank you so much i’m so happy i haven’t gotten any requests until now and they’re so fun to do aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous asked: Palette #7 with Liara T'soni! :3


headcanon: Actual Genius Wonderkind Archeologist Dr. Liara T’Soni watches the ancient human tv show Time Team on her omni tool into late hours at night.